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What'd CC Say Now

Whew! BeLoved, I am loving the energy that is coming from the metaphoric walls of CC Miller, LLC. It's a peaceful, joyful, steady energy that is conducive to change and growth, you know. What's been up?

I took a little time for vacation and celebration and enjoyed an amazing Book Expo in Hyattsville, MD that I look forward to talk to you about soon which is a great segue to this next bit.

Soon, CCSaidThat podcast will launch. I have been writing for that and trying to decide on the best format to deliver it to you. I love getting pretty but, like, every time I have something to say!? Uggh. So maybe we will rock with an audio podcast until my schedule calms down.

Also, I have been writing speeches because, yep, that's another way I want to engage with you all. Sometimes, we all need a good talking to. No worries, I don't expect you to have the patience of Job. We will get to the point and sit down somewhere. No long lectures over here, BeLoved!

Additionally, I have the honored privilege of adding new titles to my portfolio and working with some beautiful and genuine artists to boot.

So what's up with those audiobooks, though. I am not a fan of the audiobook upload process by Audible for spoken word projects. I love being able to deliver a dynamic performance of the words I pen. Otherwise, what' we doin'? Therefore, I am using this platform (as soon as I can figure it out) to release the audio performances. I look forward to giving you that update ASAP.

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