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All the Things

That's what is happening in my head at the moment. All the things. Dreams, goals, and wishes coalescing into pandemonium that requires sorting and filing. I have the idea for Also, Woman coming to fruition, constant social media presence to manage for visibility (because Instagram told me I have to. What's up with that???), a few features, the podcast I co-host for A Night in Presents (you have to check that out on YouTube), an expo I'm scheduled to be a vendor for in August, a surprise project that is slated for September 2020, and more! You all know I have a full-time job, right? And I volunteer full time in the deaf community.

I have no complaints. Just lots of desire, drive, and passion that is impatiently compelling me towards fulfillment. I love producing content that moves people to think or act a little more consciously and maybe a little more positively. I love that you love it when I do.

You are appreciated for your support. Every like, comment, share. Thank you truly.

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