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Indestructibly You




1/2 hour


About the Course

JENGA! I love that game. You ever feel like your life is the game of Jenga? One moment you have it all together. Established date registered and chartered. The next minute a vital piece gets pulled and you’re wondering who do they think I am!?

In this well-received keynote, we talk about a process for not losing ourselves when the ground shifts. Being indestructibly you is authenticity at a different angle: character sustainment thru adversity. Oh! And of course there will be poetry! Details to come!

You'll go away empowered to be indestructibly you!

Your Instructor

CC Miller

CC Miller, is Principal owner of CC Miller, LLC. She has four published titles to her experience and that comes with an appreciation for the desire for full creative control and the right and left brain conflicts of art and business.

CC Miller
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