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Nice to meet you. I'm CC, author of Also, Hi - A Collection of Romance and Revelation, Also, Whole, Also Woman (2022), Also (2023) and What Won't Break, a collaborative effort with authors Prince J. Harrison and Ashley Wooten (2022).

I've been an admirer of the written word for 40 years. As a performance poet, I've seen a few live stages and a few virtual stages alongside some of the most amazing minds you would ever want to meet. Reading and writing transports us and grants passage to the human experience in a way that requires nothing of us but what we have. It's forgiving and offers community. I'm glad you're here for that! 

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Yes, I have a lot of favorites, but you can't blame me. Tbh, though, my top three are "As You Are"

"Things We Lost"

and "Preferences"

"Preferences" made me go 👀👀👀"

Paula J.

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Currently filling spots for virtual performance poetry features. Let's collaborate on your event!

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A gentle, diligent editor who understands poetic license. That's me. Let's work on your project!

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